I Don't Have a Mineral Deed

How do I get one?

Getting a Mineral Deed


Often clients come to us, knowing they own minerals but they don’t have a mineral deed. There could be several reasons for this. The deed could have been lost or misplaced or it is possible one never existed. In the past, many oil companies were willing to pay royalties to the apparent heirs of a deceased person based on an “Affidavit of Death and Heirship.” As a result, many families never completed mineral deeds which are required now in most cases.

If a deed exists but it’s simply been misplaced, we can easily help you track down a copy. If the deed is a recent North Dakota deed (1995 or later), we can often find it by using the online database known as the North Dakota Recorders Information Network (NDRIN). If it is an older deed or otherwise unavailable and outside of Ward County, we can work with another company to find the deed for you.

If a deed simply never existed, the process is more difficult and often requires opening probate to execute deeds from the estate of deceased individuals to their heirs. You can read more about probating minerals here.